Digital Society

The Communications Sector informs, inspires and supports all people in Qatar to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to use ICT effectively and safely so that they can engage in the country’s economic and cultural life and to support the development of a vibrant and capable ICT vocational and professional workforce in Qatar. We are keen on enhancing ICT readiness and usage of all members of society and businesses so that everyone can participate in building Qatar’s information-based economy. 

Specifically, Digital Society aims to ensure all people in Qatar have the skills and capabilities to use ICTs in an effective and safe way. The division’s programs work to bridge the digital divide in the country by creating opportunities for the population at risk of digital exclusion to safely access, effectively use, and fully benefit from ICTs. Alongside that, Digital Society works with strategic partners to enhance ICT education and students’ capabilities and skills as well as carrying out studies to measure the impact of information and communication technologies on the Qatari society; measuring changes over time.

Digital Society Programs: 

  • Digital Inclusion: The program targets segments of society that are at the risk of digital exclusion by creating opportunities for access, learning and effective use of technology. 
  • Digital Literacy: A program aiming to raise awareness and foster a healthy cyber culture in which all Qatar’s population has the knowledge and critical understanding necessary to engage in safe online opportunities.
  • ICT Skills: Aims at raising awareness and inspiring take-up of a wide array of possible ICT careers, in addition to developing a highly skilled and well-qualified ICT workforce to enrich Qatar’s knowledge-based economy. 
  • Digital Impact and Emerging Technologies: Better known as the Rassed research program, this area of Digital Society focuses on studying the effects of ICT and the Internet on society, and enabling a better understanding of emerging digital technologies and their potential.