Through the Better Connections Program, government entities, non-profit organizations, or companies are welcome to donate Hardware or Software licenses to the program to help the workers in need.

If your organization would like to donate, please follow these procedures:

  1. Assign a point of contact for the program
  2. Provide a count of the devices donated
  3. Check if your devices match our criteria
  4. Fill out the form and send back to

As soon as we assess your entry, we will send you confirmation acceptance of your donation. Then, you can coordinate the delivery of your hardware with Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al-Thani Humanitarian Services (RAF), which is a key partner in Better connections program.


Donation Criteria

  • You may donate PCs, Laptops, USB Keyboards, USB Mice, Network Switches and Hubs, so long as they match the technical specifications
  • All hardware donated must be in a useable condition
  • PCs and laptops must be donated with built-in hard-drives. 
  • Processors must be compatible with Windows7
  • PCs should be donated with screens, keyboards, and USB mice.
  • For PCs, electricity cables are required.
  • For Laptops, chargers, electricity cords and adapters must be provided.
  • If possible, provide recovery CDs or Formatting CDs.


Hardware Replacement Policy

The Better Connections Program facilities are equipped with hardware donated by Ministries, local organizations, companies and program stakeholders. The refurbishment process ensures that the hardware is operational and serviced with the complementary software required. There are cases in which hardware replacement maybe requested. Replacement of hardware is subject to the guidelines outlined in our Hardware Replacement Policy, to ensure the program’s sustainability.