Celebrating the Power of Youth

Sunday, December 16, 2012
Celebrating the Power of Youth

With a commitment to inspiring and providing greater opportunities for youth, ictQATAR’s TumuhaTEC Program has teamed up with TEDxYouth@Doha. Over the coming six months, TumuhaTEC will be supporting TEDxYouth@Doha to provide youth with an array of opportunities that include internships and monthly ICT Arts Workshops.

TumuhaTEC is an ictQATAR program that aims to showcase to youth aged 12 – 24 years old the diversity of an ICT career path. The program offers career guidance as well as hands on experience.

The international brand, TEDx was created in the spirit of TED's mission, "ideas worth spreading." The program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

TEDxYouth@Doha is a series of TEDx events hosted for youth that was initiated in November2012, coinciding with Universal Children’s Day. This year’s theme focuses on #failbetter.

Co-curator of TEDxYouth@Doha Uzair Mohammad notes that, “TEDxYouth@Doha is aimed at equipping Qatar’s youth with the skills they need to become leaders in whatever their chosen path is. Part of this exercise is geared towards giving youth the confidence to try - and the confidence to overcome failure. Our partnership with TumuhaTEC is part of a year-round program designed to give students an insight into the plethora of possibilities a career in ICT could give them while improving their skills at hands-on workshops.”
To date, both TumuhaTEC and TEDxYouth@Doha have hosted over five ICT Arts workshops that include Gaming, Web Development, Social Media and more. The purpose of these ICT Arts Workshops are to encourage more youth in Qatar to learn what ICT means through hands on experiences as well sparking their passion for ICT.

TumuhaTEC has also enabled a number of lucky students to join the TEDxYouth@Doha  social media team in an internship capacity.  This enabled these students to experience firsthand what a career as a Social Media Specialist could be like. Other students were selected to be part of the web development team and learnt the basics of being a Web Developer.   For more information about TumuhaTEC internships click here.
On Saturday November 17th 2012, TumuhaTEC was also there to support TEDxYouth@Doha program during their one day event. Throughout this event, a collection of young speakers took to the stage to talk about their own success stories that came about because of a failure.

As Robin Blake, ICT and Society Director at ictQATAR explains, “The collaboration between TumuhaTEC and TEDxYouth@Doha is a great example of two organizations working together towards the same goal.  We both want to give young people a chance to develop and pursue their talents and passions.”

To find out more about the TumuhaTEC program, visit: www.ictqatar.qa/tumuhatec or follow @TumuhaTEC on Twitter.