In 2008, Hukoomi -- Qatar’s official online information and e-services government portal -- was launched for use by citizens, residents, and businesses.  After the initial use and feedback from customers, the portal was enhanced, including adding more information, transactional services, and a more user-friendly customer experience. 

Hukoomi has grown exponentially in recent years in terms of both usage and offerings.  Over 2014 alone, the portal received more than 1.8 million visitors.  Hukoomi now offers around 400 services of which companies, citizens, residents, and visitors can complete more than 150 electronically from start to finish.  Services include paying traffic violations, paying utility bills, and renewing health cards, among many others. 

The Hukoomi mobile app, launched in 2015, further enhances access to government services and information 24/7.

Further enhancements to Hukoomi are planned as part of Hukoomi Phase 3, currently under development.

To find out more, visit Hukoomi.