Development of Mesaieed Truk Park

Development of Mesaieed Truk Park
  • Tender #: MTTAGN-2016-36

  • Description of the required goods or Services: Development of Mesaieed Truk Park

  • Collection of the  Tender Documents Through

  • Tender Submission Method: Two Envelopes

  • Tender Documents Fee: QAR 500

  • Tender Bond Value: QAR 850,000.00

  • Closing Date: Extend to 30-March-2017  By 02:00 p.m.    

 The Tender & Auction Committee at the Ministry of Transport and Communications announces the above-mentioned tender as per the following conditions:

  1. Copies of the Tender Documents can be obtained from the Ministry website against the abovementioned sum prescribed for the tender. Payment for each copy shall be made through the same website; this amount is not refundable under any circumstances. The submission of the bids related to the above-mentioned Tender shall also be through the same website. All bidders should be listed in the Ministry approved vendors list, for the Local companies a copy of valid abstract of the Commercial Registration stating the authorized signatory and the related capacities should be submitted, together with a copy of the Classification Certificate from Ministry of Finance Qatar / Government Procurement Regulations Department. As for the Off Shore Companies, a valid abstract of the company’s Commercial register and the Memorandum of Association duly certified by the competent Diplomatic Authorities should be submitted. The Committee may reject any Company that breaches this clause.

  2. All Bids should be accompanied by a Temporary insurance in the form either an approved bank check or an unconditional and irrevocable Bid Bond issued in favor of the Ministry from an authorized local Bank covering an amount not less than (as mentioned above). This Bid Bond should be valid for not less than 120 days after the bid closing date.

  3. The Bid duration should not be less than 90 days from the closing date

  4. The Performance Bond shall be 10% of the contract total value and should be unconditional and irrevocable Bank Guarantee from local Bank

  5. The Ministry has the right, during the contract period, to increase or decrease the required services, materials, or deliverables, after the committee’s approval, provided that any decrease would be in the same type of materials or services or deliverables.

  6. The submission of the bids related to the above-mentioned Tender shall be also through the same website

  7. Any questions from the Bidders concerning this Tender shall be submitted to the concerned department through the same website during the period from the publish date up until 10 days prior to the closing date.

  8. The bidders or their representative can attend the opening session of the bides on the first Wednesday following the closing date in the Conference Room of the Ministry building 15th floor at 1:00 p.m.

  9. For questions please call 40451457 or through the same website.