Creative Cloud Tools

Creative Cloud Tools


Visit Creative Cloud menu on the desktop and inspect available applications and personal log–in details

Inspect Creative Cloud services available within the desktop menu

How to install a different language version of the Creative Cloud applications

What are Adobe Typekit fonts, Sync fonts, manage and utilise them within an application

Create Cloud Library, access and share library contents

Understand how to use Creative Cloud Library’s assets within Adobe applications

Target audience

General Adobe Creative Cloud users (Bridge • Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign)


Photoshop: Refine Edge - Content Aware Scale - Content Aware Fill - Content Aware tool - Mixer Brushes - Puppet Warp - Camera RAW noise removal - Merge to High Dynamic Range - New Crop tool - Blur Gallery - Adaptive Wide Angle - Skin Tone aware selection.
Illustrator: Drawing in Perspective - Arrow drawing - Align dash lines - Variable width strokes - New Brush settings - Bristle Brushes - Draw behind - Draw inside - Align to pixel grid
InDesign: Buttons, animation, and rich content - Adobe Bridge shows more of InDesign - Different page size in the same document
Power layer structure - Content grabber - Populate page with images in one shot.


Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign will be an advantage

Certification info

6 hours Attendance certificate.