ICT and Youth Study

More so than ever before, technology has transformed the way younger generations communicate and access information. In recognition of the tremendous influence ICT has on children and young adults, ictQATAR has commissioned a comprehensive study to understand how Qatari youth are affected by and use ICT in their daily lives.

A committee of academics, researchers, policymakers, youth advocates and young people will contribute to a groundbreaking analysis using data from 1,200 young Qataris ages 11 to 29. Through exploring how this group accesses online content and communicates with each other, the findings will provide insight into how ICT shapes their identity in relation to their peers and the world.

From these findings, ictQATAR will be able to make policy recommendations on how to best harness the power of ICT to help young people realize their full potential, and develop a framework to assess the impact of ICT on youth, which can then be replicated in other Arab countries. Furthermore, the baseline information this study provides can be used in the future to provide a comparative assessment of the socio-economic impact of ICT on this age group.

Upon completion of the study, findings will be made available.