Our Start-ups

The Center recently graduated its very first group of digital entrepreneurs after a 2-year incubation period.  Three of these companies are still operating in Qatar – Bylens, Best2Offer, and Sago.  Read more about them and other success stories below. 

Incubated Companies

From entertainment booking systems, to an online souq, to a Qatari-based animation studio, read more about some of the companies that have taken advantage of what the DIC has to offer to accelerate their chance of success.



Riyada delivers a unique ecommerce solutions for the Qatari market by combining engineering, research, marketing, and design.

The team consists of keen and innovative experts who are passionate about their role. The company eagerly works with local companies assisting them to enjoy a quick integration with the e-commerce platform and grow their business through online shopping.


Shabab Falcon



Shabab Falcon is a platform connecting consumer and retailer, which enables customers to place orders for exciting new fashion brands and products in Qatar and from the region.

ShababFalcon.com through its extremely user friendly online and mobile experience provides the most hassle free customer shopping experience, with curated brand suggestions, superior customer services and next day delivery. The platform will also be integrated with a intelligent stock management system that will connect the physical store and the online store.

ShababFalcon.com features apparels, footwear and accessories and is available on the iOS/ Android platforms.




IRISKCORP is a Corporate Travel Management company which offers a comprehensive range of integrated travel management solutions for business travel and related events providing clients with the technology and service to manage their business travel with maximum efficiency. This is one of a kind corporate solution that integrates all policies and procedures of an organization into the travel management process.


Fi Technologies


A unique and innovative Wi-Fi advertising channel that develops wireless hotspot networks in carefully studied and selected zones such as coffee shops, parks, and clinics. They joined the Digital Incubation Center in May 2014.



The first digital mobile platform based in Qatar and is committed to providing complete information about all events, conferences, exhibitions, sports, and concerts in Qatar. Information on the site will be available in Arabic and English. Evently also provides an integrated one-stop ticketing solution for all the events, providing digital, paperless tickets through mobile service providers. While Evently provides information about events to the people in Qatar, the large number of regular and frequent mobile users also makes it an effective advertising platform for event organizers as well as hotels, restaurants and retail brands.

Ozone Studios


An innovative multimedia design company, including videos, photography, and animation to help companies in Qatar to get their message across to key audiences. 



A digital media company developing an online video channel called Raqami TV that aims to help technology consumers between the ages of 14 and 35 in the Arab world have access to technology news, reviews, and tutorials in their native language.  Programs are strictly in video format and set as a TV channel more than a website. Raqami will be presenting shows in an entertaining fashion and simple language suitable for target audiences.


Urban Point


UrbanPoint.com is a growing marketplace that connects trendy consumers with quality businesses in Doha by promoting exquisite experiences, services and great value offers. 
It aims to serve as marketplace for ideas and the starting point for all local commerce.


Alumni Companies



This group of the Qatari cartoonists, Rashid Al Kuwari and Abdulaziz Yousef, works in the pop art style. Inspired by the pulse of the Qatari community, Qartoon builds on the national identity and culture, addressing issues young people today are facing.



A crisis management system using satellite information to organize first responses to crises. The system is also used for urban planning, facility management, fleet management and much more.

Al-Mubader Enterprises


A one-stop-clinic for small and medium-sized businesses that offers a range of solutions-- such as business planning, human resources, location http://www.ictqatar.qa/, marketing and social media, design/build, negotiation and connections with investors --for businesses in all stages of development, from concept and idea generation to launching products or services.



An educational-technology company that produces technologies to promote the Arabic culture and values in an engaging way.  Kalimaty, one of the new technologies, is a mobile application that teaches Arabic words and phonetics to young children.



The first Qatari royalty-free stock photography library specializing in GCC imagery and serving marketing and media professionals. Bylens won an honorary award in the QITCOM Innovation Theater 2011.

Best 2 Offer


A sophisticated, targeted suite of online and mobile marketing services with high customer penetration (via SMS and web-based promotions). It is a convenient ‘one stop shop’ for the latest sales promotions, product information and store information that is specifically tailored to a customer’s preferences and buying habits.



A private car booking service that makes arranging ground transportation reliable, personal, safe and convenient. Started by former management consultants, Careem is upgrading the way people travel around town. Customers can order a car online or using the mobile app, track their rides in real-time, pay with credit cards, and access receipts online. Careem is also serving some large corporations, who have signed up all their staff and pay through monthly invoices.


An online portal focused on the latest research and findings in the fields of consciousness, futurism, virtual reality and cultural transformation.



A start-up company specializing in advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) products and services. The company has an advanced GIS technology suite, as well as ownership of the entire digital road network in the State of Qatar.



An online marketing platform that allows homegrown and individual businesses to list their offerings in one single platform that is http://www.ictqatar.qa/able by category and the type of product.  Consumers will be able to find things like henna artists, and auto mechanics.

Purple Cedar


A Qatari-based animation studio with a team of highly qualified members to meet the growing demands in the local multimedia industry. Team members provide animation services in Arabic and English targeting businesses, entertainment and educational sectors. The team joined the Digital Incubation Center in February 2013.



A bilingual mobile platform where people can buy and sell new and used items.



An online social network for children between 6 and 11 years of age, through storytelling about the beauty of the Arab world and its unique culture. SAGO takes a holistic approach to ensure that regional identities, culture, and values are embraced, preserved and loved by future generations.

Souq Jalis


An online souq where sellers can register and display their store brand products for sale by tag pricing -- not bidding. This concept creates an online market where customers can experience shopping while sitting on their jalis or couches. They can find and compare desired products that can be purchased online and get delivered to their home. Souq Jalis gains revenue from the shop accounts, advertising on the website, and fees from transactions.

Blue Penguin Animation


An animation studio specializing in the production of animated features, explainer videos, and commercials. The studio focuses on traditional hand drawn and 2D computer generated animations.



A game hub, developing educational and entertaining digital games on mobile and social media platforms. The games reflect Arabic culture to the global market. Target audiences include “soft gamers” or young audiences between the ages 10 -19. The team won first place at the QITCOM Innovation Theater 2012 and joined the Digital Incubation Center in February 2013.



A social network, available on IOS, Android and the Web. The Klickset social network optimizes its video and photo streaming speeds to maximum levels. Some projects in progress are Recognition App, Let’s Follow, and Bubb.


An online advertising business in the very early stages of development.

Mzad Qatar


A mobile marketplace allowing users to buy and sell using their mobile phones. This e-commerce company now has more than 250,000 items for sale, and more than 100,000 users in Qatar searching for items to buy.

Rize Solutions


A company with a wide range of intelligent solutions -- from mobile app development, vulnerability assessments, security and penetration testing, and indoor positioning systems to web development and virtual and augmented reality services.



The first website in Middle East to offer a socially optimized entertainment recommendation service. This ‘engine’ forms a link between the entertainment industry and social media. The website is also an entertainment planner and online ticket booking system, where users can buy tickets online. The team joined the Digital Incubation Center in March 2013.