Digital Inclusion

Technology is the way forward for the people of Qatar. As the nation moves towards becoming a knowledge-based economy, it has become increasingly important to ensure that all members of society have the ability to access the technologies and gain an understanding on how to use those technologies. The Ministry of Transport and Communications Technology (MOTC) works to bridge the digital divide in Qatar so that everybody can be a part of Qatar’s information society through the Digital Inclusion program which is the process of reaching out to the Qatar population who are currently lacking in technological and IT skills. The aim is to provide access to basic technologies, and skills to use technology, and in doing so empower the nation.

To facilitate this, in 2014 the Ministry (formerly known as the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology) has developed a Digital Inclusion Strategy, “Bridging The Digital Divide” that reaches all sectors of the community through a carefully considered program of awareness, access, training and support. Digital Inclusion Strategy and approach to programs follow a set of principles that ensure it delivers excellence and draws on the support of stakeholders. MOTC tailors and contextualizes its programs to the individual, taking into account their literacy levels and cultural considerations. In addition, MOTC continually monitors its work and assesses needs and potential barriers.


Key principles of Digital Inclusion Strategy and work programs

  • Delivery methodology should be appropriate for each target group and work program
  • Take account of literacy levels and needs of each target group
  • Take account of cultural issues
  • Contextualize awareness and training programs
  • Provide appropriate and relevant content and support
  • Work in partnership with stakeholders and capacity build where necessary
  • Conduct ongoing analysis of needs and barriers, as well as evaluate and assess initiatives


For an insight into the Digital Inclusion Strategy, Bridging The Digital Divide, please click here.