Tuesday, August 17, 2021

An efficient and well-integrated ICT landscape is imperative to Qatar’s progressive outlook of the future. Cognizant of this, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), Qatar regularly monitors the country’s ICT landscape amongst the business establishments to ensure that ICT initiatives achieve their goals and deliver benefits to propel the economy. Given this outlook, Qatar’s ICT research study, 2018 assessed the following among the business establishments:

  • Current level of ICT access and usage among the business establishments in the country.
  • The development and progress of ICT over time.
  • The performance of selected regional and international peers, to enable benchmarking of Qatar’s ICT development.
  • Drivers and challenges related to ICT access and usage across the establishments.

Tracking development in the ICT landscape at national level provides an objective framework on which MOTC can effectively measure the progress over time and compare the evolution with concerned peers. Thus, an assessment of the present scenario and planning the best course of action for the future is done based on the below key trends of business establishments:

  • ICT access and usage.
  • Awareness of ICT policies and usage.
  • Drivers and barriers to ICT adoption within establishments, both at organization and employee levels.

The selection of specific research areas is the cornerstone for actionable strategy. Some of the key research areas identified for the current study are: 

  • Proportion of computers and other devices in use.
  • Type and speed of internet connection.
  • Online presence, social media presence and online activities.
  • Usage of advanced ICT services such as e-Commerce and online banking.
  • Satisfaction levels with ICT services, etc.

For more information, Please refer to QATAR’S ICT LANDSCAPE 2018 BUSINESS