Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy – Executive Summary

Sunday, May 25, 2014

This document outlines the Qatar Digital Government 2020 that will benefit everyone. Digital Government uses technology to deliver real benefits for people who access government services. This can involve making transactions available online, simplifying websites to make them easier to use, and creating innovative new applications that improve people’s lives.

Members of the public – whether they are citizens, residents or visitors – will be able to access Digital Government services that are simple, secure, and available anytime and anywhere. The population has doubled in recent years and is expected to reach 2.5 million by 2022, and the government places a high priority on meeting the needs of people in Qatar, and making the best use of rapidly changing technology, now and into the future.

Businesses and private organizations will find it easier, simpler, and faster to register and operate a business. Qatar’s strategy for economic diversification relies on creating the right environment for investment and businesses, and removing any barriers to doing business, so that the economy can continue to grow and develop.

Government entities will be confident that  they are providing better services to people and businesses, are more efficient, and are achieving better outcomes overall for the nation. In a recent study, savings in public administration due to Digital Government were estimated at $30B to $50B globally, and time savings to citizens and other users were estimated at 21B to 26B hours. Beyond cost and time savings, Digital Government also creates greater transparency and higher-quality outcomes