TASMU Data Policy

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

This is the TASMU Data Policy and provides the rules for managing data within the TASMU Ecosystem. The data generated by Subscribers of TASMU Smart Services and by the activities of connected devices are key data assets of the TASMU Ecosystem and must be managed appropriately to maintain core functions, operational activities and safeguard personal information from misuse. Every participant within the TASMU Ecosystem has a responsibility to look after data by abiding with this policy, national data policies and laws, including sector data policies as applicable. Mismanagement of data by TASMU Service Operators , may lead to sanctions.

This policy comprises controls of the following data areas within the TASMU Ecosystem:

  • Governance
  • Data ownership and rights Data acquisition
  • Data use and sharing Data access
  • Data retention
  • Data quality
  • Data standards
  • Data Portability