National Broadband Network

By 2015, the majority of Qatari households and businesses will have broadband access and an open-access fiber network. Over the next five years, ictQATAR is committed to installing a next-generation, high-speed broadband network. To achieve such goal, the State of Qatar has established Qatar National Braodband Network (Q.NBN) - an independent company operating within the existing laws and under license conditions issued by ictQATAR with a 550 million USD investment. 

Q.NBN will focus solely on the deployment of a passive network infrastructure, efficiently leveraging existing and new infrastructure in Qatar. This government-led initiative was developed in consultation with existing network operators, Qtel and Vodafone, and will support the development of their broadband service offerings to government, enterprises, and consumers. The government support will help ensure rapid deployment and seamless access. 

Qatar’s high speed broadband network will also allow three key benefits that all users in Qatar can truly avail of:

  • Speed: the network will allow high Internet speeds that exceed 100 MB per second for all household connections with an estimated coverage of 95% of Qatar’s households by 2015.
  • Availability: broadband services will be available with competitive pricing to all sectors of society. 
  • Open Access: the network will allow open and fair access for broadband services for all licensed operators via a robust legal framework that ensures legal compatibility.