27 New Ideas Win Incubation at MoTC’s Digital Incubation Center

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
27 New Ideas Win Incubation at MoTC’s Digital Incubation Center

Doha – Qatar

Twenty-seven new innovative ideas have been accepted and will be incubated within the Startup Track at the Ministry of Transport and Communications’ Digital Incubation Center (DIC), as the DIC IdeaCamp events have come to an end after six weeks of exciting live pitching from a total of 31 competing innovative ideas, before specialized evaluation and assessment committees.    

IdeaCamp had initially started with 85 innovative ideas, 31 of them qualified for finals and 27 won the incubation.

The participating ideas covered a wide range of fields that interest all segments of society, based on modern technology. The ideas are meant to help solve problems at the environmental, educational, economic and social levels, including e-commerce, Blockchain, iBeacon, biotechnologies, IoT, VR and social technology.

IdeaCamp is a new DIC program designed for entrepreneurs, developers and designers who have a great idea for a technology solution. Over six weeks, IdeaCamp featured several workshops and training and mentorship courses conducted by specialized training institutions where entrepreneurs were educated how to develop a business model, build a prototype and test their ideas with potential customers.

Participants were introduced to sample prototypes for well-known companies such as Airbnb, Uber and Flickr.

Winning ideas will be assessed and tested again after one year of incubation at the DIC in order to establish whether it should continue being incubated. This depends on how far the concept idea develops and grows.

“We are delighted for the success of the IdeaCamp events after achieving the aspired goal, which was the introduction of a new big batch and unique levels of entrepreneurial businesses. IdeaCamp saw a great deal of intense competition, which is propitious for a promising future for entrepreneurship and innovation projects in Qatar,” said DIC Manager Duha Al-Buhendi.

She added that the DIC under MoTC would continue supporting entrepreneurs to harness their capabilities and help their ideas grow into real business on Qatari market.

Ms. Amal Al-Shummari is the owner of Nefaish innovative idea, which qualified for incubation. She said IdeaCamp “was the ideal place to develop my idea”, and that she “enjoyed attending all tainting courses and lectures. The team were very helpful. I’d advise all those who have ideas to join IdeaCamp to develop their ideas.”

Shiekha Al-Marri, owner of Abilitx, said IdeaCamp “was the proper environment to exchange and develop my ideas with the proper people. IdeaCamp help me a lot to find a way to run things smoothly, solve issues swiftly and improve my plans.”