All of Qatar’s ICT Indicators on a Single Platform

Thursday, December 3, 2015
ICT Observatory Story

Qatar’s ICT Observatory is an online central repository of data and statistics relating to the country’s dynamic ICT landscape. It is accessible to businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers, policy makers, government entities and the general public.

The ICT Observatory is a trusted source of information from various sources - including specialized surveys on ICT usage; data from licensed telecoms operators; international reports and aggregated data from other government entities in Qatar.

Users can view indicators, identify trends, review charts and tables and browse and download analytical reports from the ICT Observatory for further analysis and use.

The ICT Observatory is part of the government-wide effort to provide the public with more open access to data in order to drive innovation and further increase government transparency and accountability. It will streamline ICT indicators across Qatar and support national ICT policymaking and progress evaluation, reduce the costs of research and data provision, and promote informed discussion on ICT-related topics.

The Observatory is available at

For further information or help in using the ICT Observatory, please contact ICT Trends & Research at or on +974 4499 3640.