Hamad Port will handle 7mn containers a year

Friday, November 25, 2016
Hamad Port will handle 7mn containers a year

The Ministry of Transport and Communication continues its efforts to develop the ports sector, with Hamad Port at the top of priorities.
Hamad Port is an important addition to Qatar Ports and will handle 7mn containers a year once fully operational. It has a general cargo terminal that can handle 1.7mn tonnes of general goods, 1mn tonnes of foodgrains and 500,000 vehicles. It will also have a livestock terminal, a multi-use terminal, an offshore supply base, a coast guard facility, and a port marine unit.
Along with regional transport development plans, Hamad Port will provide transshipment links by rail, sea or road to GCC and other Arabian Gulf states making use of its advanced safety, security system, and dedicated customs inspection area with latest technologies to speed the clearance of goods.
With the establishment of an economic zone adjacent to it, Hamad Port will facilitate manufacturing industries and help the nation to increase its non-oil and gas exports.