Haseen program organizes more training workshops for teachers

Monday, October 24, 2016
Haseen program organizes more training workshops for teachers

Doha – Qatar-

Over 90 Arabic and English language coordinators from 45 independent schools attended the third set of workshops conducted last week by the educational cyber safety program “Haseen”.

Attendees at the workshops were introduced to and trained in the cyber safety topics that Haseen covers along with best practices, helping them to better understand the program, its vision, mission and end goals, as well as how to use the Haseen search engine.

The workshops also offered a platform for teachers to explore the content of the program, such as the learning resources and activities, and obtain hands-on experience on how to apply and fully utilize the system features.

The attendees were also trained in how to guide school administrations on the process of registering new teachers onto the program portal; a multi-feature, interactive platform with icons including rate, comment, share and bookmark that teachers will be using inside classrooms to raise their students’ cyber safety awareness. Teachers who already attended these sessions will - in turn- teach their colleagues.

Developed jointly by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the program teaches schoolchildren how to think critically and behave online by raising their awareness and developing an informed and healthy cyber safety culture across Qatari schools.

Haseen has 348 learning activities and 148 learning resources, providing comprehensive, customized, and interactive information that sharpens schoolchildren’s critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills.

Haseen’s learning activities have been incorporated into both Arabic and English curricula, and will be used to enhance learning across a range of other subjects delivered to students.