ictQATAR Seeking Comments on its Regulatory Strategy

Sunday, April 7, 2013
ictQATAR Seeking Comments on its Regulatory Strategy

The Regulatory Authority of the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) launched today, April 7, 2013, a public consultation on its Regulatory Strategy for the coming three years. The Regulatory Authority is seeking comments from interested parties on its proposals for the strategic directions and actions for its telecommunications regulatory activities.

ictQATAR considers that the development of this Regulatory Strategy with targeted set of actions is an important step in the continuous development of the regulatory regime for telecommunications in Qatar. It is also important to share with all stakeholders the focus areas that the Regulatory Authority will pursue to develop the telecommunication market, enhance available services and protect consumers.

The proposed Regulatory Strategy focuses on the following five strategic priorities:

  1. Enhance the competitive environment;
  2. Improve the clarity and predictability of the regulatory framework;
  3. Ensure the efficient management of scarce resources (frequencies and numbers);
  4. Safeguard the interests of consumers; and
  5. Support Qatar in the transition to a connected digital economy.

All interested parties are invited to review this proposed Regulatory Strategy and provide their comments and views to the Regulatory Authority no later than 3:00 PM (local time in the State of Qatar) on 16 May 2013. Comments have to be submitted by email to: raconsultation@ict.gov.qa.

All comments received in response to this public consultation will be carefully reviewed and considered by the Regulatory Authority during the finalization of the Regulatory Strategy.

In addition, ictQATAR will hold a meeting on 23 April 2013 with interested parties to answer their queries about the consultation document. Interested parties who wish to participate in this meeting should notify ictQATAR before 17 April 2013 by email to: raconsultation@ict.gov.qa.

The proposed Regulatory Strategy can be downloaded from this link.