The ‎ Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) is the Communications Regulator in the state of Qatar established by virtue of Emiri Decree (42) in 2014. The CRA regulates the Telecommunications and Information Technology sector, postal services, access to digital media and spectrum. The CRA encourages and supports an open and competitive Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector that provides advanced, innovative, and reliable communications services. Balancing the rights of consumers with the needs of service providers is at the heart of everything the CRA does.

Mobile Number Portability Services Rollout in Qatar

Saturday, February 2, 2013
Mobile Number Portability

The Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) announced that Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is now available in Qatar in a phased rollout. Full Service availability by Service Providers in their entire retail networks will be in the coming weeks. Mobile Number Portability allows consumers to keep their existing mobile number when switching to a different service provider.

“Mobile Number Portability is an important part of the ongoing liberalization of Qatar’s telecommunications sector. It allows consumers to choose more freely the service provider that best meets their needs without having to sacrifice their existing number. The growing competition in our telecommunications market is leading to lower prices, innovative new services and enhanced customer care. MNP will further empower consumers and we are pleased that both service providers have worked with us to make this possible,” said Saleh Al-Kuwari, Deputy Assistant Secretary General, Regulatory Authority.

Consumers wishing to change service providers and keep their existing mobile number should visit the retail outlets of the service provider they are planning to switch to. At the retail outlet, consumers will fill out a Mobile Number Portability application, and the process of porting typically takes one working day once the application has been completed.

The National Numbering Committee, established by ictQATAR and with active participation from Qtel and Vodafone Qatar has led the implementation. “Both Qtel and Vodafone Qatar have committed to providing point-of-sale service to assist consumers with the process and to answer any questions they may have. We encourage all consumers considering switching their mobile service to another provider to carefully review all the applicable terms and conditions,” said Mohammed El-Bashir, ictQATAR Technical Affairs Manager, Regulatory Authority.

For more information about the number porting process, and to check in which retail outlets Mobile Number Portability requests can be processed, consumers should visit and – the website of the operator that they wish to switch to. Additional information, including the frequently asked questions can be found on