Mwani Qatar Announces First Direct Service Between Doha, Shanghai

Sunday, January 29, 2017
Mwani Qatar Announces First Direct Service Between Doha, Shanghai

Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani Qatar) Saturday announced the launch of the first ever regular direct service between Hamad Port and Shanghai Mwani Qatar said in a statement today that the new direct service comes as part of the Ministry of Transport and Communications' ambitious strategy, aiming to promote Hamad Port regionally and internationally. 

The new facility will also serve volumes out of South and East India, via Colombo. It will help to meet the growing demand of Qatar’s export market, by offering direct connections via Mundra Port to worldwide destinations. 

Commenting on the launch, Mwani Qatar's CEO Capt. Abdulla Al Khanji said: We are pleased to announce the launch of this first ever regular service, which connects Hamad Port directly with the world's second-largest economy and works to reduce the time it takes to get ships from this global market to 20 days only. 

Through our dual emphasis on continuous improvement across all shipping lines and by enhancing our focus on better meeting the needs of our customers, we constantly strive to develop and improve our services a way that meets our customers aspirations and enhance our presence as a regional and international leading integrated port and logistics services provider, Al Khanji added. 

The first vessel to sail on the new service, MSC ELMA FK701A, left Shanghai on January 5, and arrived in Hamad Port on January 26 , marking the beginning of the port's transshipment capabilities. 

Hamad Port will provide increased throughput with a capacity for 2 million containers per year, eventually increasing to 7 million. This will then be supported by transhipment links by rail, sea and road to the region. 

Ports in Qatar have been and will continue to be a major pillar of Qatar’s development and an important source that would maximize its contribution in the GDP of the nation. The constant support provided by the government has taken the ports in Qatar to the highest levels of internationally advanced global standards.