Secretary General Highlights Need for Research on Internet's Impact on Society

Monday, December 13, 2010
Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber

In a speech at Qatar Foundation's first Research Forum, ictQATAR Secretary General Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber announced plans to conduct more research on how the Internet is impacting society, with the goal of helping Qatar move into the digital age.

"Qatar must have a way to think about the power of the Internet in a positive way, and to be guided by principles that we establish today. We have started a program that focuses on the study of the Internet and Society," said Al-Jaber in her keynote remarks.

"Our program will serve as a research hub for addressing the many issues arising from Internet technology, policy and economics. This program will study the impact of the Internet and its governance on the progress of society. It will develop policies and programs to empower the Qatari people to use the Internet to strengthen their communities and regional economies."

"I want Qatar to move boldly into the digital age with a full appreciation for the legal, social, and political implications of the Internet, especially on our children," added Al-Jaber.

Also in her speech, Al-Jaber discussed research project currently being conducted with INSEAD on the impact of technology on Qatari youth. She also highlighted ictQATAR's plans to work with government agencies and the private sector to digitize important works in Qatar, and also efforts to spur the development of more Arabic digital  content. You can read Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber's full remarks at this link.