Field Survey Program 2017 – 2019

MOTC invites all to participate in its countrywide Field Survey Program 2017-2019 to collect data on traffic, pedestrian mobility, bicyclists and parkings, aiming for enhanced land transportation plans for Qatar. Data confidentiality is guaranteed.

Survey Types

(RSI) Roadside & parking Interviews
The purpose of the RSI survey is to advise the transport masterplan update project about the pattern of transport in Qatar between different districts and accordingly enhance the transport system to accommodate the travel demand between major origins and destinations.
(SP) Stated Preference Counts
The purpose of the SP survey is to understand the population preferences for future transport choices including metro, taxi, private car, etc.,. and accordingly plan the transport system satisfactorily to population preferences.
(GPS) Travel Time Counts
The GPS survey is part of the HHI survey and its purpose is to overcome the potential under-reporting which happens usually by interviewees due to the difficulty in remembering the whole diary of trips of the interview day.
Parking Interviews
Parking interviews is an essential survey to understand parking behavior and parking challenges facing people in Qatar, and accordingly develop the parking master plan considering population demand on parking in different areas inside Qatar.


Roadside & parking
Pedestrian & Cyclist






Airport Passenger
Hotel Guest


traffic & MCC




Public Transport
on-board Interviews











HHI Survey Program:

Current Phase

Survey Period:

(Nov 2018

 - April 2019)