Open Government

Open Government enables government to become sustainably more transparent, more accountable, and more responsive to their public. Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy identifies achieving  “Increase Government Openness” -  Government will embrace dialogue with the public, whether as individuals or as part of a business. This dialogue should relate to overall government governance and services.

Technology offers many opportunities to facilitate this dialogue through e-Participation and e-Consultation. As a result, constituents will feel more engaged with government and satisfied that their opinions are heard, and the government will feel confident that it has actively sought a wide range of views on important decisions.

Moreover, emerging technologies around big data are showing a huge potential to discover additional insights through combining data from various seemingly unrelated sources. Making data available to the public enables the creativity of a wider group to come up with insights. Often, what starts out as a simple ‘mash-up’ of two data sources becomes a commercial product, fueling the economy.