Programs & Shared Services

In the first wave of the roadmap (2014-2015), Qatar Digital Government projects focus on providing services available end-to-end online or via mobile phone, making them easy to access and easy to use.  Each government entity is responsible for defining when and how their services will be placed online. By the end of 2016, a total of 1,000 new services are projected to be online.

In addition to end-to-end online services, government entities will create efficiency in administration through automation of functions, state-of-the-art applications, and a common ICT infrastructure (shared services and applications) that saves money, increases security, and enhances the user experience.

To promote open government, public participation will be enhanced through three main projects: e-participation project that engages citizens through the Internet; the open data portal to promote the reuse of public information and the use of Creative Commons for the use of published data.; and open government policies including e-Participation and Open data policies.