Government Cloud Services - Sadeem

Government Cloud Services - Sadeem

Sadeem provides a highly effective and secured ICT shared environment that allows government entities to procure IT computing resources with greater ease and speed, while reducing capital and operational costs of technological infrastructure and systems.

It provides a variety of services that are secure, reliable and available and improves accessibility to those services by providing a platform for the services required by government entities.

Consisting of several services and platforms, Sadeem aims to accelerate the government digital transformation process. Sadeem services and platforms enable fast and effective implementation of information technology systems, e-services and business intelligence across government entities to realize the integrated and connected government.

The main objectives of Sadeem Cloud are:

  • Reduce the capital and operational costs of information systems and infrastructure.
  • Accelerate time to market through templates and ready services
  • Greater efficiencies and security arising from shared infrastructure
  • Infrastructures and platforms built with the high Information Security Standards in compliance with NIA 2.0.
  • Maintained updates as well as infrastructure management and operation.
  • Increasing resilience and scalability of IT capacity

Sadeem provides the following features:

  • Ability to integrate with shared government services (etc. GDX, SMS GW.., etc. )
  • Providing tools and templates for e-services and business intelligence for different business models.
  • Enabling platform use across all channels, including smartphones

The services and platforms that MOTC provides under Sadeem are:

  • Government Cloud: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to provide government entities with virtual machine servers that are interconnected and connected to the government Network.
  • E-Service Platform: A platform that provides government entities with an integrated environment for hosting business solutions. It enables fast and effective implementation of e-services.
  • BI Platform: A platform that enables BI reports to increased fact-based decision making with real-time executive dashboards.
  • Portal Platform: The government portal platform enables fast and efficient implementation of government websites and portals and the ability to link them to other government business solutions.
  • Government Mail: An effective e-mail service, that follows the national information security standards, is provided to government agencies.
  • SMTP Relay: A service to redirect e-mails for hosted government services

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