Critical Projects

Critical Projects


Fifteen projects have been identified as critical to making a big impact on the public and businesses, ensuring that users get the maximum advantages of digital government.

Business Setup Services Project - Ministry of Economy and Commerce

  • This project will provide a single interface with the government (a one-stop-shop) for customers wishing to establish a business in Qatar. The new system will minimize customer interaction with government entities and reduce the time and effort required to obtain a business license. Better service will attract and retain investors both from within and outside Qatar.

Al Nadeeb - General Directorate of Customs

  • The Qatar Customs Clearance Single Window System, known as “Al Nadeeb,” uses world‑class risk management practices to provide institutions and businesses with facilitation of the customs procedures, online coverage of all customs works, and integration with the required authorities. Transactions can be completed in 3 hours and importers can follow-up the customs clearance transactions online from anywhere and at any time.  The project is completed and fully operational, with planned future enhancements to meet new requirements.

Building Permit Project -Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning

  • This project will build a system for the issuance of building licenses.  Integrated at all levels with the internal systems of relevant authorities, it enables applicants to submit applications and track the status online.  The system will enable streamlined processing of building permits, saving time and improving the productivity of government and the private sector companies involved.

E-Learning Management System - Supreme Education Council

  • The system is currently used by more than 250,000 teachers, students, parents and administrators within Qatari schools. It covers the entire education cycle, including content authoring, lesson planning, assignments, and online examination, along with communication and collaboration capabilities. Parents can follow their child’s academic performance online or through their mobile phones, as well as tracking attendance, grades, and behavior, and communicate with teachers in an easy and convenient way. The platform is launched and fully operational, with continuous enhancements to satisfy changing demands.

Government e-Correspondence Project - ictQATAR                 

  • Government entities receive and create a significant amount of information in day-to-day operations. Electronic storage and retrieval of this information will facilitate faster decision  making and improve knowledge retention. The e-Correspondence government to government  system will transfer and track letters between government entities.

Government Data Exchange Project - ictQATAR

  • End-to-end transactions often need one government entity that provides e-services to access data held by another government entity to avoid the need to ask the public to provide the information again.  The Government Data Exchange will provide governance, processes, policy, standards, data dictionary, and technology for exchanging data between government entities.  Online forms will be pre-populated with core data held by government, and data held by other entities will be confirmed in real time where such is required to complete an end-to-end transaction.  This project will create efficiency and effectiveness and ensure data integrity by using “sources of truth” for core data to improve data accuracy, consistency, and quality.

Government Financial Management Project - Ministry of Finance

  • The Government Financial Management (GFMIS) project aims to modernize the financial system for the state of Qatar. The system will develop the current legacy system, the Chart of Account, and empower the MOF to manage and monitor the budget execution and support decision making.

Open Data Portal Project - Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics

  • Governments hold a significant amount of data, some of which would be of benefit to customers or the economy if released. The open data portal will make available selected data that can add value to the public - data that is useful, timely and can be processed. The system will allow the market to create potential commercial/community services using government data.

Human Resource Management Project – Ministry of Administrative Development

  • The Mawared system provides Qatar’s government with a centralized, online and real time human capital management system, enabling multi-organizational management and offering a single consolidated view of employees’ information.  The system streamlines internal communication, reduces paperwork to the minimum, and enforces standard business processes aligned with the Qatari HR Law and internationally recognized best practices. The system is operational and used by a large number of government entities. [ Link to Mawared section in Shared services]

Qatari Court Modernization Program - Supreme Judicial Council

  • This program will modernize the courts in Qatar, enhance process, and increase efficiency, based on international best practice. The program involves changes to IT, infrastructure and systems, people and organization, processes and procedures.  As a result of the program, litigation procedures will be simpler, litigation process time will be reduced, and the Supreme Judicial Council will have efficient court processes and more productive employees.

Real Estate and Authentication Services (REAS) Project - Ministry of Justice

  • This project will enhance real estate and authentication services by optimizing and automating the business processes through online channels. The project will enhance the customer experience and satisfaction, and improve Qatar’s ranking in the World Bank - Doing Business Index related to registering property.

Labor Integrated e-Government Project - Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

  • This project will ensure efficient hiring of labor to meet the needs of the country, and advance safe, fair and harmonious workplace practices that are essential to the social and economic well-being of the people in Qatar.  The project will improve collaboration and coordination among government entities working in the labor field, facilitate data exchange, and provide high quality information and services to employers.  In addition, the project will increase the awareness of individual employees about their rights, and ensure that all employees, including migrant labor, have access to high quality information.

e-Health – Supreme Council of Health

  • Healthcare in Qatar is predominantly supported by paper records and stand-alone specialist clinical applications. These records are difficult to compile, coordinate and transfer between clinics, hospitals, and providers. The e-Health Strategy Project will develop the long-term work program and a roadmap for an effective, integrated national Health Information Exchange for all healthcare providers in Qatar. Individual organizations, such as Hamad Medical Center and Public Health Care Corporation, are introducing electronic systems to replace paper records and integrate specialist systems that support the implementation of online health services. The result will be better health outcomes, more efficient operations, better information for public health policy, and improved interactions between patients and providers.

Hukoomi Phase 3 - ictQATAR

  • The current Hukoomi platform will be upgraded with new features including a digital mailbox/personal vault, personalization and discovery, and better content authoring. The public will be able to communicate electronically with government entities in a secure manner and be able to locate information and services with less time and effort.

e-Participation Support for Civic Engagement - ictQATAR

  • Civic engagement enables government to listen to the public when formulating policy. This project will provide tools for e-consultation, e-polls, e-discussion, and e-town hall meeting. The tools will improve the quality of policy being developed and empower the public with a sense of involvement.