e-Services Projects

The government’s goal is to eventually make all services available online or accessible via mobile phone.  In addition, plans are underway to build awareness among consumers about how to find and access these services so that they will choose to go online to complete these services.  This has required developing new processes to make access and use of online services more customer-friendly, including re-engineering processes that underpin these services so that customers can complete their transaction end-to-end online as much as possible.

Each government entity has prepared an e-services implementation plan to define when and how their services will be placed online. The expectation is that by the end of 2016, 1,000 new e-services will be implemented and the use of online services will increase each month as more people realize the benefits of accessing government services online.

Qatar e-services are categorized into four levels of maturity:

Level 1 -- Informative:  Provide information about a service; static data with no interaction; services that provide the ability to print forms or applications; services that allow searching for information, location of offices.

Level 2 -- Interactive: More interactive than level 1 services, including checking the status of certain requests; submitting an inquiry or a complaint about a service; filling out forms or applications online and submitting them, but requiring a physical presence at the agency to complete the service.

Level 3 -- Transactional: Two-way interaction with the customer to complete a transaction online; filling out forms online and submitting them; submitting scanned documents; completing a process online without the need to visit a government agency; sending the customer by courier/post when fulfilment requires physical delivery (e.g. passport) --these are end-to-end services.

Level 4 -- Integrated: Links transactional services between multiple organizations; single notification by customer updated by several agencies; proactive service delivery based on knowledge of customer (send “click to renew” message on expiry of old card/permit).

Progress is monitored and reported in the executive highlights