Major Studies

The digital world moves fast. Our studies aim to help researchers, policy makers and others to understand the impact of emerging technologies and evolving user needs and behaviors.

In 2014 we published a study into the attitudes of Internet users in the MENA region to CyberSafety, Online Security and Data Privacy. The research covers five areas:

  1. Access to technology: At a household level across the Middle East and North Africa.
  2. Attitudes: Exploring the views of Internet users in MENA towards the web.
  3. Level of Concern: Examining issues such as the repurposing of personal online data and concerns about personal accounts being hacked.
  4. Trust: Determining trust in different Internet actors - from Governments to Banks and ISPs - and whether users feel that their data is safe online.
  5. Behaviors: Seeing if these attitudes and concerns are reflected in the online activities undertaken by MENA’s Internet population.

We believe that it is the first time these issues have been explored at a regional level, with the result that our research enables us to understand the MENA Internet user as never before.

Alongside this we are also planning to undertake a study into how children in Qatar use ICT. This project is currently in the development phase.

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The attitudes of online users in the MENA region to cybersafety, security and data privacy