Information Technology

The Ministry of Transport and Communications endeavors to build a vibrant ICT sector that will spur the development of an advanced knowledge economy and a prosperous future for its people. To serve that purpose, the Ministry attaches particular importance to digital government and cyber security initiatives.

Qatar Digital Government initiatives aim to support government agencies to enact digital transformations in line with the Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy to make Qatar’s government more efficient, effective, accessible, and customer-centric, allowing the public to better interact with the government, and executives to have access to information and tools that will promote better-informed decision-making.

Hukoomi - Qatar’s official online information and e-services government portal - has grown exponentially in recent years, offering around 400 services of which companies, citizens, residents, and visitors can complete more than 150 electronically. To take advantage of all available information and services, visit Hukoomi.

As cyber threats across the world evolve at a fast pace, the Ministry has launched several Cyber Security initiatives with the sole aim of protecting Qatar’s critical ICT infrastructure and systems and sensitive information,  through working with government agencies, private and public sector organizations and members of the society and ensuring that online threats are monitored and risks are contained. The Ministry also cooperates with counterparts across the globe to maintain an open and secure cyberspace.

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