Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing is where some or all of your computing software or hardware is delivered by another vendor over the internet. With a Cloud Computing solution, your computing infrastructure is housed and operated from a location that is not at your typical business premises. 

Working through the Cloud Computing content in this Toolkit will bring you up-to-speed with these Cloud Computing concepts, and more.

Businesses which move to a Cloud Computing solution typically find the following immediate benefits: 

  1. Lower IT costs
  2. Automated processes
  3. Flexibility
  4. Scalability

Cloud Computing improves not only the speed, but also the quantity and quality of resources available to your organization. Cloud computing allows you to build your IT capability, whilst allowing you grow and expand the rest of your business; this means that your costs and capacity are always running in parallel, making budgeting for IT a far easier task than before.

The Web InfoGraphic provides an overview whereas the Web eBook gives you more detailed information on Cloud Computing. The Toolkit’s ROI calculator and RFP generators are also useful but you must first register your business in order to take full advantage of these services.