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 TumuhaTEC we’re here to help you reach your ICT future by connecting you to the right people, training, programs and experiences.


Get hands-on industry experience and give yourself a competitive edge by obtaining an internship opportunity with an established business or organization. Each year TumuhaTEC helps students in Qatar find the right internship opportunities through its:

Winter internship program for high school students:

Every year, we offer a number of high school students the opportunity to intern during the two week winter break.

Summer internship program for university students:

Every year TumuhaTEC connects university students to ICT related summer internships being offered by employers all over Qatar.

Get hands-on industry experience and give yourself a competitive edge by obtaining an internship opportunity with an established business entity or organization.

Available Internships

If you are an employer wishing to advertise for an internship opportunity, please contact us at:

ICT Workshops

Have fun learning new skills and gain insights from experienced mentors and specialists. One of the main TumuhaTEC activities is reaching out to high school students aged 14-18 and engaging them through workshops that will stimulate their curiosity about technology. The general theme of the workshops is “Learn a new ICT skill” and the main message that we try to demonstrate is that “ICT is everywhere in our lives.” During the workshops students are encouraged to develop new ICT skills; take up an ICT related hobby or just be more aware about the world of ICT. The most important aspect of our workshops is to give students the opportunity to get hands on experience and to present ICT to them as an interesting career option in the future.

TumuhaTEC believes in the idea of “youth inspiring youth” and therefore we ensure that our trainers are young ICT professionals who can inspire the students they are teaching.

The topics of our worships are determined by the students themselves and range from coding to graphic design, web design, photo editing, photography, etc.

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If you are a student or a teacher and would like us to offer a workshop at your school, please contact us at:                                                 


Competitions: Have fun discovering technology

Every year TumuhaTEC organizes a competition for high school students to raise their awareness about the ICT sector and to encourage them to consider IT related careers in the future. Competing against other students and other schools is a fun and exciting way to learn about technology. Be part of TumuhaTEC’s competition this year for a chance to win exciting prizes!


Click here to watch the winning videos.

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